When a client comes to me and they’ve been charged with a sex case, my top priority is to protect my client’s rights.

These are very serious cases and often have prison sentences attached to them. It is my responsibility as your attorney to guide you through this complicated process. The reason I think that a person that’s charged with a sex crime should come to the Kelley Law Firm is that we have a unique experience in handling these kinds of cases. As an ex prosecutor I have seen how they go about proving these cases and i know what good evidence is and what bad evidence is. If a person who is accused of a sex crime in the state of Florida should call a lawyer

immediately. Typically in these kinds of cases law enforcement poses as your friend and wants you to make

statements but all they want you to do is make a good case against you for them. I never have my clients talk to a law enforcement. I never have my clients turn over evidence to law enforcement without a court hearing.

These are things that can severely damage your case. I have over 40 years of experience in handling these kinds of cases and let me put my 40 years of experience to work for you.

I handle all kinds of criminal cases. There is no case that is too small, there is no case that is too big.

I handle everything from simple misdemeanor cases, possession of drugs, petti theft, all the way up to grand theft, murders, complex sexual cases. I have been practicing law for over 40 years. I graduated law school back in 1979. I then went to the State Attorney’s Office as a prosecutor for 3 years and then I went into private practice.

I have been a criminal defense attorney since that time. With the background that I had because I was a former prosecutor, it gives me a keen insight into how a prosecutor thinks, how they go about trying to prove their cases, and it gives me an insight as to how I need to deal with them. A lot of the mistakes that I see other attorneys make is that they do not know how to talk to a prosecutor, they come in with an attitude and then it goes south from there because the prosecutor doesn’t want to deal with them. So I feel like because i was a prosecutor, I know how to deal with prosecutors, I know how to talk to prosecutors and I know how they think.

If you’ve been charged with a DUI and you come into my office. We will sit down with you and we will go over all the facts of your case. We will tell you what’s good about your case and what’s bad about your case. I have over 40 years of experience in these kind of cases, both as a defense attorney and an ex-prosecutor and that gives me a unique way of looking at your case that few attorneys can provide. There are time frames that are applicable in these kind of cases. You have 10 days from the date of your rest to file for administrative hearing. These hearings are extremely valuable in that number one you may be able to obtain a work permit to drive and number two it will allow your lawyer to cross-examine the police officer at this hearing. Possible outcomes in a DUI case in the state of Florida pends on the client and the unique circumstances of clients pass. When a first time DUI the possible outcomes could be probation and community service if you are convicted or an experienced attorney might can get the client a diversion program which would mean if the client completed said program the charges would be dropped and that’s where an experienced attorney would come in.

When a client is charged with drug trafficking in the state of Florida, he needs to understand that the drug laws in the state of Florida are some of the harshest in the United States. You are looking at a minimum mandatory penalties ranging from 3 years to 7 years to 15 years to 25 years even for a first offender. The Kelley Law Firm is in a unique position to handle these kinds of cases because I am an ex prosecutor. I handled these cases on the other side. I know how a prosecutor thinks, I know how to evaluate evidence, I know what good evidence is and bad evidence is and now as a defense attorney I can bring that experience for you and when I take one of these cases, we thoroughly investigate the case. we thoroughly look at the evidentiary value. We look at who the confidential informant if that is what they used to set you up. How credible is he? And how credible the evidence is against you. And as an ex prosecutor, I can use that experience to benefit you in these kinds of cases.