Murder Charges

Murder Lawyer Providing Aggressive Representation

Perhaps the most serious crime that can be committed in the United States is murder. If you have been accused of murder, a criminal defense attorney from RICHARD NICK KELLEY, P.A. can help you understand the charges against you and will provide powerful legal representation to help you achieve the most positive results possible for your case. There are different classifications of murder, including capital, first degree, second degree, and sometimes third degree murder. Although charges and stipulations vary by state, a person convicted of murder can face 25 years to life in prison and even the death penalty in some instances. Trust a criminal defense lawyer at Richard Nick Kelley P.A. to provide you with powerful representation in a court of law if you are facing a murder charge.

Capital Murder

In some states, the term capital murder is used to describe first degree murder with special circumstances. For example, a murder that was committed in conjunction with arson, kidnapping, torture, or another felony offense is considered capital murder in some states. Individuals convicted of capital murder can face life in prison (without the possibility of parole) or the death penalty. You need a lawyer who is committed to the presumption of innocence and who will work tirelessly to help you achieve the most positive outcome possible for your case.

First Degree Murder

First degree murder is a murder committed with intent and malice aforethought (prior intention to kill the victim). For a defendant to be convicted of first degree murder, a prosecutor must prove that the intention to kill was premeditated and planned. The sentence for first degree murder is usually life in prison. If you have been accused of murder, it is important that you hire a criminal defense lawyer who has extensive experience and who will aggressively fight to prove your innocence.Richard Nick Kelley speak with an attorney about your case.

Second Degree Murder

Second degree murder is a murder that is intentional but not premeditated. The sentences for those convicted of second degree murder vary by state. In all murder cases, it is imperative to have an aggressive defense team with a proven track record of success. A criminal defense lawyer from Richard Nick Kelley P.A. will work diligently to prepare a successful defense that is likely to get
sentencing reduced. If you are accused of second degree murder, count on Richard Nick Kelley P.A. to help you get positive results for your case.

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