Violent Crime Defense

Many violent crime accusations come down to your word against the alleged victim’s. Contact a lawyer who will work to ensure that you are not convicted of a crime you didn’t commit.

If you are facing charges for any type of violent crime, it is important that you have a dedicated Kissimmee violent crime defense attorney representing you from the start. A conviction for any violent crime can lead to a damaging criminal record, and some felony offenses may call for mandatory jail time. Having an experienced attorney behind you can help to ensure that your rights are protected.

I am criminal defense lawyer Richard Nick Kelley. For more than 40 years, I have dedicated my career to the practice of criminal law. I have handled seven death penalty cases, and I am one of the few lawyers in central Florida certified to handle capital murder cases. When you hire me as your attorney, I will utilize every legal resource at my disposal in an effort to protect your interests.

Committed To Protecting Your Rights And Your Freedom

In many cases, the truth in a violent crime case comes down to your word against the alleged victim’s. I work closely with every client to gain a complete understanding of the circumstances surrounding the incident that led to your arrest. I will build the most compelling possible defense on your behalf and do everything I can to beat the charges you are facing.

I defend clients against all types of violent crime charges, including the following:

  • Assault and battery, including aggravated assault and aggravated battery
  • Homicide, including murder and manslaughter
  • Armed robbery
  • Carjacking
  • Battery on a law enforcement officer
  • Domestic violence
  • Child abuse and child neglect

Talk To An Orlando Criminal Defense Attorney

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