Sex Offender Violation

You could be charged with a violation if you forget to renew your driver’s license or Florida identification card. Don’t go to jail over a simple oversight, contact a lawyer as soon as possible.

If you have been convicted of a qualifying offense, you will be required to register as either a sexual offender or a sexual predator. People who have been added to these registries are bound by certain rules. Any violation of these rules can result in charges for a third-degree felony.

The consequences for sex offender violations can be quite severe and may include jail time, fines and the revocation of probation. All sex offenders have rights, however, and an experienced Kissimmee sex offender violation defense attorney can help to ensure that they are protected. I represent clients who have been convicted of state and federal sex offenses.

Committed To Protecting Your Rights And Your Freedom

I am attorney Richard Nick Kelley. I provide aggressive defense representation to clients facing charges for any type of sex offender or predator violation offense. Many people do not understand the requirements they need to fulfill after being added to a registry, and I work hard to minimize the impact of the serious charges that can arise from an honest mistake.

I have represented clients in cases involving a variety of sex offender and predator violation cases, including the following:

  • Failure to register
  • Failure to provide required information
  • Failure to inform authorities of your new address
  • Being too close to children, schools, playgrounds or other restricted persons or areas
  • Failure to register for or renew a driver’s license or Florida identification card

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