Internet Solicitation of a Minor

The person on the other end of an Internet chat could be a police officer looking for sexual predators. Protect your rights, contact a lawyer immediately.

Internet solicitation of a minor involves the use of a computer to solicit, lure or entice a minor to commit a sexual act. These are felony offenses in Florida, and a conviction can result in a prison sentence of up to five years for each count. These offenses can also be charged in federal court, which could result in much more serious penalties. If you are being accused of Internet solicitation, be sure that you have an experienced criminal defense lawyer representing you from the start.

I am Kissimmee Internet solicitation of a minor defense attorney Richard Nick Kelley. I defend clients against all types of state and federal Internet solicitation charges. As a former Assistant State Attorney in Orange County and Osceola County, I have a complete understanding of the tactics used by police to gather the necessary evidence to make an arrest in these cases. My experience on both sides of these cases puts me in a strong position to provide the results-oriented representation you need.

Presenting A Vigorous Defense In Solicitation Cases

Under Florida law, it is legal for police officers to run Internet stings and pose as minors in chat rooms in their efforts to catch adults soliciting minors for sex. There are limits to their authority, however, and a single mistake on the officer’s part could provide the keys to your freedom. I investigate every possible angle in each case and take immediate action to have the charges against you dismissed if I find any indication that your rights were violated.

One possible defense in these cases is that you were not the person using the computer when the chat was taking place. If the prosecution cannot prove that you were the one online, it can call their entire case into question. I will work closely with you to learn everything I can about the circumstances surrounding your case and use all available resources in an effort to prove your innocence.

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